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Research Group Prof. Dr. med. Christian Breymann

Main Field of Research, Abstract

FetoMaternal iron metabolism, iron deficiency and anaemia. Differential diagnosis of anaemia in pregnancy using modern haematological laboratory methods (erythrocyte flow cytometry, serum transferrin receptor essay). Therapy of anaemia during pregnancy and postpartum with special emphasis on intravenous iron sucrose and recombinant EPO. Physiology of erythropoietin during pregnancy and lactation. EPO levels in amniotic fluid and cod blood. Pharmacodynamics and – kinetics of rhEPO in pregnancy and lactation. Factors influencing EPO levels in pregnancy, postpartum and perioperatively.
Physiology and pathophysiology of erythropoiesis during pregnancy and lactation with special emphasis on inhibiting inflammatory factors.
Diagnosis and therapy of haemoglobinopathies during pregnancy.
Influence of oxygen on the placental development in a mouse model, including signal pathways of HIF in the placenta.
Cardiovascular tissue enigineering from fetal cells.

Main Fields of Research, Keywords

Perinatal physiology, oxygen, fetal development, anemia, monitoring, tcPo2

Iron, anaemia, erythropoiesis, erythropoietin, pregnancy, postpartum, placenta, oxygen

Special Techniques and Equipment

Automated red cell analyzer (ADVIA) using red cell flow cytometry. Serum transferrin receptor ELISA, serum neopterin ELISA. Molecular diagnostics of haemoglobinopathies (cooperation). Hypoxic mouse chamber (cooperation ETH Zurich).

Education and Training

Weekly research colloquia at the Institute of Perinatal Physiology. Research fellow programs for post doc stipendiates and candidates for doctor thesis. Training opportunities for interested medical and biological scientists.
Special lecture: Feto Maternal haematology

Group Members

  • Dr. Matthias Jacob
  • Dr. Michèle Stahel